10,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.

Turns out that shea butter, one of my favorite butters/oils, does not make a very good bath oil on its own — it melts funny and is really too heavy on your skin afterward.  I’m kind of greasy now, but quite well moisturized.

Aren’t you glad I’m doing all this rigorous testing to pass on the highest-quality bath and beauty knowledge to you?  It’s such hard work, though: I’m not sure I can stand to keep taking lavender-scented baths all week, it’s just so hard on my morale :)

Making-of pictures for the catnip-infused vinegar in my video.  The recycled apple juice jug is full of most of a gallon of vinegar along with a couple cups of dried catnip.  It will steep for a couple of weeks, and then I’ll strain and decant it into bottles.

I am now the cat’s favorite human.

My first video, on the science of vinegar hair rinses.

Making-of featurette!

When I asked around, it became clear that one product that a lot of folks were hoping to see at The Beauty Hag was natural, SLS- and fluoride-free toothpaste.  So I’ve been doing research and testing, and I think I’ve hit on a formula that works.  It’s very simple — and all of the ingredients are pronounceable and edible!  Right now I’m making it in peppermint, which makes my mouth delicious and tingly-clean.  I have the means to make it it cinnamon, ginger, tea tree, lemon, or any number of other flavors, though, which I’m excited about.  Take a look at the making-of pictures below!

A quick note on testing: I’ve spent the day sitting in my living room, thoughtfully brushing my teeth and saying “hmmm”.  When I hit on a good formula, I hand it over to my spouse.  Not only is the process 100% cruelty-free, but my teeth have never been cleaner!

In the testing phase for a new natural toothpaste — grinding up calcium, and the sample toothpaste.  All testing is being done on The Beauty Hag and spouse: totally cruelty-free!